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Weekend Home, India

Windows & Doors

Weekend Home, India

Accoya Wood has been used in the construction of a Balinese style home in Khandala in the Western Ghats near Mumbai, India. While designing and constructing any house in Khandala, one the key factors be taken into consideration is its exceptionally moist climate and heavy monsoon season, which at times causes up to 3 metres of rainfall. The original timber windows on the property did not stand the test of time; after a mere two years exposure to the humid weather conditions the timber had split and warped.

The only possible solution in this case was to install windows made of material that would resist the seasonal monsoon weather, as well as constant moist and humidity. The solution was to use Accoya wood.

The house was equipped with a one-off sliding door solution supplied by RitikaaWood. The door is effective in visually blurring the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This gives the build a very natural and wild feel. The solution included a four pane sliding window system, weighing approximately 70kg per pane. The residence allows for easy and fast drainage of surface rain water from the tracks.

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