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Tepid Baths, Auckland, New Zealand

Windows & Doors

Tepid Baths, Auckland, New Zealand

The Tepid Baths, Auckland, New Zealand, were originally built in 1914, and contained two separate pools: a “male” (25m, 6 lanes) and “female” (18m, 4 lanes). The “male” pool was the largest in New Zealand at the time.

In April 2010 the Tepid Baths closed for repairs and a major makeover. As part of this renovation project Accoya® wood was chosen for its durability and stability especially for its use in wet and humid environments such as swimming pools. New Zealand distributor, Timspec supplied the Accoya wood which was used for the changing room doors, seats and frames.

At nearly 100 years old, the building will remain a great place to swim for the next 50 years.

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