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Accoya windows and Doors in Northern France

Windows & Doors

Accoya windows and Doors in Northern France

Doors and windows crafted from Accoya®, have given a new lease of life to a traditional farmhouse in northern France.

The 19th century property is located in Picardy, a region known for its diverse weather conditions – including high winds, humidity and rain. Over time, the farmhouse had become damaged and the original oak doors and windows became distorted and decayed.  As a result they would regularly get stuck within the frames or let in draughts due to the constant shrinking and swelling of the oak as the climate changed throughout the year.

The property owner was keen to replace the existing oak with wood that was best in its class – which would be durable, solid and stable to endure years of use in a busy family home.  Whilst investigating a range of options which included tropical hardwood, the owner and local joiner Yoann Gromard had been impressed with Accoya.

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