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Water Pumping Station, The Netherlands

Shutters & Louvres

Water Pumping Station, The Netherlands

Accoya was chosen as the project required a non-toxic, sustainably sourced material that could be left uncoated but that would be dimensionally stable and durable. Aesthetically a natural look was required, permitting small knots in the wood, provided that the wood’s durability and stability performance were not compromised. This was possible with Accoya wood, which was chosen over Western Red Cedar. The final dimension of 44 x 96 mm was cut and profiled from 50 x 100 mm and 75 x 100 mm pieces of Accoya wood in mixed qualities. The wood was left uncoated for a naturally weathered appearance. Approximately 25 m3sawn Accoya was used.

Derko-Jan Dollen, architect commented “Accoya wood is an excellent alternative to tropical hardwoods. The low equilibrium moisture content of Accoya wood prevents the timbers from warping, splitting or moving apart, even at lengths of 6 m. This means that the exterior façades will keep looking good for many years to come.”

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