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The Mega Solar Belvedere


The Mega Solar Belvedere

Following the Fukushima earthquake the National Government in Japan have enabled Photovoltaic Plants to collaborate with less bureaucracy. Even though the energy output is still small, the support of alternative energy sources which are “safe” is steadily growing within Japan. The knowledge and awareness of them is not.

This led an owner of a Photovoltaic Plant in Asakuchi City, Okayam-Ken,(岡山県浅口市寄島町), Japan (south of Japan) to help educate the young people of today. The vision of the owner is to enable children on school trips to visit the plant and learn about Solar Power, Photovoltaic’s.

A structure was required to enable the young people to view across the plant. The biggest issue was to ensure that the structure did not cast a shadow across the plant. With the help of Takashi Nishimura Architects, a design was built around a simple, stable structure which required the use of natural wood. The triangulated shape was born from these ideas and Accoya Wood was chosen. Accoya Wood was chosen due to its durability, a sustainably produced source of wood and the maintenance of the wood is low. The triangulated structure is known as “The Mega Solar Belvedere”.

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