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Accoya Outdoor dance floor in Denmark


Accoya Outdoor dance floor in Denmark

Distinctive 185mm wide T&G profile Accoya decking boards were installed in Fælledparken, Copenhagen. The decking was installed with only 1mm gap between each board. This expansion gap is only permissible with Accoya and if other timbers were used there is a strong chance that the floor would have buckled due to their swelling and expansion.

The layout of the dance floor was key to the design and construction. Firstly the construction ensures good ventilation under the boards and secondly the circular floor is split into 4 quarters and the boards in each adjacent quarter are laid at right angles to each other to ensure minimal impact from any tangential swelling.

Two and half years on the dance floor has undertaken all sorts of weather conditions and frequent foot flow and yet still remains stable and in very good condition considering the external environment.

In the same park Accoya has been used for the handrail and grooved planks for a 30m long bridge.

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