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Kelowna’s Downtown Marina

Decking, Canal & Marinas

Kelowna’s Downtown Marina

Kelowna in Canada, is a destination for over 1.5 million tourists annually and the “Downtown Marina” is a waterfront gateway to Kelowna.

The project selected Accoya® modified wood for the non structural uses in the retail/service structures and visitor comfort stations located on the 350’ pier that provide visitors respite from the elements. Siding, trim and louvers were all made from Accoya.

Accoya wood was chosen over alternative species like Fir and Cedar due to its resistance to extreme weather conditions. This exception warranty provided the developers and the City of Kelowna peace of mind over the lfe span of this important public resource. Wescorp, who owns and operates the marina for the next 15 years before handing it over to the city of Kelowna, needed a specialised wood that could stand up to the rigors of the local environment without incurring unnecessary additional maintenance costs.

Distributed by premier importer and exporter, the UCS Forest Group of Companies is committed to sourcing environmentally responsible products such as Accoya.

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