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Decking project in France

Decking, Canal & Marinas

Decking project in France

Accoya, has been used to create a wooden decked area for country inn in Oberbruck. The idyllic Ferne auberge du Gresson, already benefited from a decking area which was popular with visitors – and when this needed replacing, the owners were keen to find a wood solution which would withstand the test of time maintaining its original high quality finish.

To meet these requirements, Accoya was selected for the project. Thanks to Accoya’s modification process it delivers outstanding levels of performance including stability, sustainability, and durability. Its superior qualities allow Accoya to outperform other wood species when used externally, making it ideal for cladding windows and decking. Over 48m2 of Accoya decking was laid to create an attractive decking area with fencing, providing visitors with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

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