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La Rosa Gardens Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand

Decking, Canal & Marinas

La Rosa Gardens Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand

Located in the La Rosa Gardens Reserve, the project restored approximately 180 metres of the Waitahurangi and Parahiku streams to a more natural profile.

Accoya, specified by Boffa Miskell a leading New Zealand environmental planning and design consultancy company selected Accoya decking from Timspec, (Accoya distributors in New Zealand) for all the walkways in the reserve. A total of 25m3 which is approx 170linear metres of boardwalk, was used and now complete, the project has transformed the area into a vibrant recreation space for Aucklanders.

Commenting on the project Boffa Miskell architects said that “Accoya was fit for the job, thanks to its durability, stability and sustainability qualities, and now provides a long lasting solution to withstand the footflow of the public. Also, the outstanding environmental credentials of Accoya confirmed to us that this product was not only the right choice, but the responsible choice.”

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