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Accoya® brings balance to Europe’s leading garden show

Decking, Canal & Marinas

Accoya® brings balance to Europe’s leading garden show

The festival which launched on Friday 25 April and runs until the 2nd November receives hundreds of entries each year from the world’s leading designers keen to showcase their work. Every garden featured is tasked to reflect the festival’s theme, which this year is ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.

Architectural designer Hay Joung, of London firm Randle Siddeley Associates has been selected to showcase her garden concept, which features Accoya Deck and is entitled ‘The Balance’.  The design of the garden reflects the paths in life which lead to temptation or avoidance of the deadly sins.

The garden includes stone monoliths which represent the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues connected by wooden decked paths, crafted from Accoya wood. There are also ‘see-saw’ structures of Accoya which connect different sides of the garden and which symbolise the need for balance in life.

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