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Accoya Bridge Parco, Bangkok

Decking, Canal & Marinas

Accoya Bridge Parco, Bangkok

Designed by Shma Design, a Thai landscaping company, and distributed by Teck Ethik in Thailand, Accoya was used for a bridge built at Parco in Bangkok.  The original design specified the use of teak but for budget and sustainability reasons Accoya was used instead. The Accoya wood was coated with an outdoor teak coloured stain to give the same effect as the original design.

Accoya was also chosen because part of the vertical cladding is in permanent contact with the pond water and needed to perform in an extreme wet environment.

The bridge was built in July 2013.  The main structure is made of concrete on to which sit Accoya beams (50×100) and on top of that a top deck of more Accoya beams ( 25×100) all secured with stainless steel clips.

In February 2014, after 6 months of the project going live, they removed the water to clean the filter system and checked the Accoya wood under the water which showed there were no dimensional stability or rot issues.

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