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Villa Bie in Denmark

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Villa Bie in Denmark

On a unique site facing the sea, north of Copenhagen, Denmark, Architects MLRP have designed an extraordinary residence. The house is a unique structure compared to the usual traditional Danish house. The house looks as if it grows out of the earth at an angle.

The house opens up towards the water and from the road is seen as a warm, organic element. With its large openings of glass, it will be ensure a visual contact between land and sea.

This striking detached private residence has recently been cladded with 650 m2 of Accoya® cladding by Profftre As and installed by contractor AF Hansen Construction.

The cladding profile has up to 235mm widths and 4800mm lengths and because the Accoya cladding boards are almost free of shrinkage and swelling Accoya is the only type of wood where the cladding can be mounted tightly with tongue and groove vertical or horizontal assembly.

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