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Louis Vuitton in Cancun, Mexico

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Louis Vuitton in Cancun, Mexico

Opened in February 2013, the new Louis Vuitton store in Cancun at La Isla's Fashion Harbour is the second branch in the Mexican holiday destination and is the largest store in Latin America.

The client's requirement was to develop a wooden façade to simulate the pattern characteristics of the brand name of their products. The challenging design was great because the façade was required to meet a high standard of quality, end with a very appealing aesthetic look and also to solve the structural requirement that are specific to Cancun, where there are frequent tornadoes and high humidity weather conditions.

INNTEC developed 223 Accoya wood panels for the exterior façade, these were installed by a team of 15 people taking 10 days to construct on to a steel structure designed by Inntec. A water based varnish for exterior use by MILESI was applied to give the desirable end finish.

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