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KFC, Auckland, New Zealand

Cladding, Siding & Façades

KFC, Auckland, New Zealand

Supplied by Timspec in New Zealand, Accoya wood was specified and used for 2 new build KFC fast food restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand. These new builds featured extensive Accoya cladding, additional vertical screening for the drive thru areas and horizontal louvre facades for shading the large windows from the sun. A further 7 refurbishments have been undertaken and also feature extensive Accoya cladding throughout New Zealand.

Accoya was specified by Mortlock Architects because of its outstanding benefits including dimensionally stability, which means the cladding will not cup, bow or twist like other woods and its class 1 durability properties which protect the wood from New Zealand’s changing weather and wet climate.

Its envisaged that throughout 2013 Accoya wood will be specified for a number of KFC sites which are due for refurbishment or to be rebuild in the coming years as part of an overall revamp which includes table service that reflects New Zealand’s developed ‘cafe society’.

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