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Inspirational design for American School, the Hague

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Inspirational design for American School, the Hague

Originally a 16th century farmhouse called the ‘Ter Weer’ (the farm) has now been revolutionarily restored to incorporate a new complex for the school, creating an inspirational place for children’s education.

The new entrance has been designed as a monumental heart between the farm and the ‘ barn ‘to enable synergy between the old and the new. The architectural team have continued this synergy between the two buildings which can also be felt on the inside and outside. The new and the old buildings are connected to each other by a stunning bridge into the new atrium and the new building fits well with the barn by applying wood substructures, caps and wood cladding made from Accoya wood, the leading modified wood product.

By using water, natural materials and to show how energy is generated the children are surrounded in a natural way with this theme. The building makes use of solar energy, LED fixtures, cold and heat storage, wastewater recycling and Cradle to Cradle materials such as Accoya wood which is used as the cladding, window frames and roofing.

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