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Baan Chiang Mai Riverside, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Baan Chiang Mai Riverside, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Accoya wood is key to architectural design of Baan Chiang Mai Riverside, a private, fully furnished, luxurious residence with panoramic river view.

Baan Chiang Mai Riverside has 14 exclusive and luxurious residences which were developed to embrace nature, serenity and charm of the Ping River. With its strategic location and comprehensive facilities, Baan Chiang Mai meets all the living requirements of the discerning residents.

The residential building resembles traditional Chiang Mai colonial house, with Accoya being used for its architectural beauty including wall decoration, swimming pool and BBQ area decks, landscape and outdoor furniture.

Distributed by Vorrawut Materials in Thailand, Vorrawut group of companies provides integrated solutions for high-end residential: property development, interior design and construction, and materials for interior works.

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