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Maritime Harbour Office in Vilanova de Arousa, Spain

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Maritime Harbour Office in Vilanova de Arousa, Spain

This project arises from the intention of the Port of Galicia to promote maritime traffic routes in the Galician. Located in the urban edge of Vilanova de Arosa, the Maritime Station building is a small building intended primarily to service these routes users.
This convenient “wooden box” cladded with Accoya wood and coated with Sikkens comprises of new facilities, a storage area, a kitchen and a bar.

From the technological point of view, the exceptional durability properties of Accoya wood coupled with structural design checks performed and the type of finish applied, allowed the project to obtain a certificate of warranty for a 5 year finish.

Installed by Civisglobal SL and specified by 2C Architects and Technical advice by CIS Madeira(Manuel Touza) Accoya met the clients expectations of having a durable wood product and a guarantee of 50 years by Accoya’s manufacturer Accsys Technologies.

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