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Accoya Cladding for Corporate Headquarters in Pune, India

Cladding, Siding & Façades

Accoya Cladding for Corporate Headquarters in Pune, India

One of the largest developers in Pune, India was looking to make a striking impact for their brand new 300,000 sq ft commercial property headquarters in Pune, India’s 6th largest city.

The architect, one of the most respected in India, had a vision to translate his client’s requirement for this signature project by using wood in an external application. The architect was reassured by the dimensional stability and aesthetics provided RitikaaWood cladding products using Accoya.

Using Accoya of approximately 30km in length, the tongue and groove hidden fixing system with translucent coatings, have maintained their dimension, lustre and colour after exposure to the humid and highly temperate Pune weather.

Accoya was used in conjunction with other materials for gate cladding, terrace beams and wall cladding areas. This has resulted in the building becoming the most well recognised commercial buildings in Pune, a city of 30,00,000, and it has also created a landmark in the upscale University Road locale.

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