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Staircase for Teylers Museum, The Netherlands

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Staircase for Teylers Museum, The Netherlands

The Observatory of the Teylers Museum Haarlem used Accoya wood to restore the external staircase on the roof of the Oval room. The elegantly designed staircase was restored by Laurenshout and the Accoya wood was supplied by Boogaerdt. Accoya was carefully selected for this project due to it class 1 durability and its cradle 2 cradle gold sustainability credentials.

The 18th century observatory on the roof of the Teylers Museum is a small tower room with glass doors, which was designed by architect Leendert Four Vant, who also designed the Oval Room. The Teyler Museum is the first and oldest museum in the Netherlands nominated for inclusion on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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